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    Marvel Shine expands the range of Atlas Concorde marble-effect surfaces with new inspirations: four precious white marbles selected directly from the Italian monumental tradition and reproduced with extreme precision and surprising realism. All the charm of natural marble is thus combined with the technical and performance characteristics of ceramic, to cover walls and floors with pure colors and natural veins. A complete project for porcelain stoneware floors and coordinated white body wall tiles that allows you to use the marble effect in any interior design, giving each room an elegant and refined touch.

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    Interior design rediscovers the wonder of porcelain stoneware and marble-effect wall tiles which are dressed in a contemporary, sophisticated, never conventional character. Marvel Dream is dedicated to one of the most beautiful, noble and durable materials, capable of embellishing any space with elegance and architectural character. A collection that is inspired by the timeless charm of marble reinterpreted in an authentic way, in full respect of its original beauty. The undisputed elegance of Italian marbles in neutral tones meets the temperament of rare and precious quartz, gems and lapis lazuli from all over the world, generating a universe of timeless styles with multiple design potential.

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    Marvel Edge is a project of marble-effect furnishing surfaces with porcelain stoneware floors and coordinated coverings inspired by prestigious marbles. Brilliance and expressive strength are reflected in environments with a great personality, in which to experience the contemporaneity of a unique and timeless material. The surprising graphic realism of Marvel Edge allows you to create harmonious and perfectly coordinated environments, capable of reflecting the refined style of those who live and use them daily. The possibility of choosing unusual combinations allows you to configure the spaces according to a very personal style. In interior design, both residential and commercial, shades, geometries and color accents create a chromatic synthesis with an original and extremely refined style. The decorations enhance the color combinations, confirming, in every design situation, the harmony of the overall effect.

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    A real design for floor and wall furnishing combines marble-inspired surfaces with sophisticated luxury stones with a sober and natural elegance, for spaces with a strong visual impact and contemporary design oriented.

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    A complete project of flooring in porcelain tile and coordinate wall coverings interprets with extraordinary realism and care in detail, a selection of precious and trendy marbles.

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    Coordinate floors and wall coverings interpret the Venetian terrace in contemporary style according to Italian creativity and tradition.

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