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  • LIMS

    A project that reinvents the authentic charm of the limestones from which it draws its inspiration. Lims is the first collection in porcelain stoneware and stone-effect cladding that reinterprets the beauty of extraordinary stones, such as the French Hauteville, the Portuguese Moleanos, the German Jura, the Italian stone from Vicenza and the Slovenian Lipika. Refined stone materials, distinguished by the peculiarities of the places of origin and by stratifications that have occurred over the centuries. The graphic and material textures of Lims are rich in realistic details, irregularities and chiaroscuro effects that give a natural and personal touch to living spaces, indoors and out. The enriched range of sizes, from the smallest up to the large 120x278 cm, of three-dimensional wall surfaces and an articulated decorative apparatus, makes the collection particularly versatile, capable of responding to different design needs.

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    A surface rich in details inspired by stones to create environments with an essential style. Realism, essentiality and technical performance: Brave is a collection in porcelain stoneware and white-body wall tiles with a natural stone effect, suitable for contemporary interior and exterior design projects. Material and decisive, Brave porcelain stoneware can be declined in five shades, from white to anthracite, ranging through modern variations of gray, for suggestive combinations. The three-dimensional stone-effect wall tiles create walls with a high visual impact, guaranteeing all the functionality and advantages of ceramic. A complete and versatile range of sizes and finishes, ideal for outdoor, residential and commercial flooring, patios and walkways. It guarantees maximum mechanical resistance and hygiene, creating synergy between reliability and aesthetics.

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    Trust's material aspect recalls quartzites and Luserna stones with a surface with intense chromatic and structural variegations, obtained thanks to the most sophisticated ceramic technologies. The design of the environment becomes pure creativity thanks to the wide range of sizes, the high technical qualities and the aesthetic versatility that characterizes the stone effect collection, for the creation of environments in visual continuity between inside and outside.

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  • KLIF

    The stone, elegant and decisive in nature, is reinterpreted in a collection suitable for those who want to feel in total harmony with the environment. Inspired by the Beola stone of the Ossola Valley, the Klif surface has extreme realism among its strengths, faithfully reproducing the typical veins and shades of the raw material. Surface roughness and quartz crystals create refined light reflection effects of natural stone. In the most spectacular spaces of contemporary architecture, the material surface of the stone effect creates a background full of atmosphere. The stone-effect floors and wall coverings harmoniously furnish the different environments, with a natural predisposition for spaces dedicated to reception and hospitality.

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    Ideal for architectural projects that enhance the materiality, the iconic Porphyry of Trentino Alto Adige lives again in a collection characterized by natural imperfections. In nature, porphyry is characterized by clearly visible crystals immersed in a uniform, vitreous or microcrystalline groundmass. In Dolmen Pro the granulated ground paste determines the color of the product, while the single crystals, pebbles and rare white veins faithfully reproduce the details of natural stone.

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  • AIX

    A collection that recalls the original floors of the French villas of the eighteenth century, a perfect symbiosis between architecture and nature. Limestone is the reference model for a collection in porcelain stoneware and white-body wall tiles that reproduces an irregular and uneven surface, crossed by stains and shades that enhance the traces of time, the age-old trampling marks, the chisels and grooves. A style with two souls: in Aix the Mediterranean spirit and the Central European soul are combined, for a complete harmony of the spaces and for multiple design possibilities, indoor and outdoor. Aix is ​​declined in two color ranges, in which there are warm colors, linked to the Mediterranean architectural tradition of villas, Provencal farms and residences immersed in the nature of the South, and the colder shades that evoke atmospheres of Central Europe and ancient residences located in France. to Belgium, from Germany to Great Britain.

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  • KONE

    The sense of authenticity and naturalness of the surfaces allows the creation of elegant and harmonious environments. Inspired by the essential aesthetics of limestone, Kone allows you to create scenographic projects in which the experience of living recovers its primordial charm. The porcelain stoneware surfaces combined with the three-dimensional decorations characterize the interior architecture. The multiple possibilities of playing with neutral and warm shades allow you to create environments in which color creates natural and elegant alternations between volumes. Thanks to its rigorous and clear aesthetic, Kone offers designers the opportunity to work on the material sensations of stone, exploiting the continuity between coverings and floors, to furnish the space with homogeneity. In the design of the outdoor spaces, functionality and aesthetics become accomplices of the original stone, while coatings in continuity with the floors furnish the space with homogeneity.

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    The ceramic material goes beyond the potential of nature by proposing, alongside cold shades, refined warm nuances and a refined white, to meet the multiple design needs.

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