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Harmonious mix between metal and cement.



    Man and stone, a match that was born at the beginning of time. The beat of a manʼs heart and the strength of stone.

    Ocean Black: durability in your home.


    Passing through Aquitaine castles and Saint Emilion naves, where a city and a smooth wine share the same name. It is this atmosphere that gives birth to a stone rustic and contemporary elegant at once:

    Bordeaux a timeless choice.

Siting and Installation.

Principe Ares offers a huge selection of walls and floors and other complete services, including siting and installation. Please contact us for any further information or visit our showroom in Milano, Via Ripamonti 92.

Customized services

Experienced and specialized team of professionals, offering customized solutions to meet all your needs. Whether you are looking for bathroom tiles, kitchen floors or any other design furniture for your room, our team is happy to offer you full support.

Passion and Expertise

In line with the latest industry trends and expertise needed to offer you the best selection of tiles, bathroom furniture and design