Turnkey renovation

Principe Ares wishes to respond to those who intend to renovate their homes with certified quality products, guaranteed over time, at predefined and competitive costs.

It deals with a wide range of services that can reach the "turnkey", with qualified staff employed by the construction part and the support of trusted firms for the specialized parts.

To make the commitment of the proposal concrete, Principe Ares operates through its own showroom where the customer can check the quality of the products and the working method adopted, followed by specialized personnel and professional architects who can accompany the choices in all phases of implementation of the intervention.

Show room which, as a further strength, will always be able to offer the necessary after-sales service to guarantee the responsibility of the work and to demonstrate customer care over time.
Particular attention is paid to the energy issue and environmental comfort: expert consultants in energy efficiency and green building, according to A.N.A.B. , Casaclima or GBC, can direct towards the most advanced technologies or the most ancient techniques, to create healthy environments, with minimum energy costs and lasting over time.