Advanced real estate planning and consultancy

If you intend to buy a house and renovate, you are about to make a demanding choice both from an economic point of view and from an understanding of the complexity of the information that gravitate in the world of real estate.
It is therefore important to have reliable and professional consultants right from the first choices.
Unfortunately, the reality of real estate sales (both through real estate agencies, both by builders and by private individuals) is characterized by an increasingly pervasive and skilled marketing ability in the face of a persistent lack of will to describe the sales product , the house and its components, like any other product on the market with a much lower cost.
For the food product, for the children's game, for the technological product or the car, we normally have a higher level of technical information available than the home system that is offered to us.
Out-of-scale floor plans with coarse sales surfaces, unspecified origins of the building, undocumented technical characteristics of the systems, cadastral documents that do not correspond to reality, undeclared harmful materials, etc ... are part of the everyday life of the world of real estate. As well as for builders who still sell through generic specifications, which describe the finishes, the aesthetics, but little the substance (the casing and above all the systems). Principe Ares, aiming to establish itself for the quality of its products, the globality and reliability of the services offered, has entrusted the development and offer of consulting and design services to the archi4x4 architecture studio.

Inside the Show room, professional architects, specialized in different skills, will be able to accompany the choices in all phases of the work.
After supporting the customer in the right purchase of the property, the first design step that is taken is to understand the needs and make different proposals for the use of the spaces and definition of the furnishings, the second is to define the qualitative and quantitative aspects, so as to verify the different cost components, then devote oneself to the construction part: from the presentation of the building practice, to the direction of the works up to the registration of the property.

To conclude with the delivery of the works accompanied, consistently with what has been explained, by the maintenance manual of the work, containing the technical sheets of all the products used, the certifications and the necessary maintenance operations.
Particular attention is paid to the energy issue and environmental comfort:
expert consultants in energy saving and green building, according to A.N.A.B. , Casaclima or GBC, can direct towards the most advanced technologies or the most ancient techniques, to create healthy environments, with minimum energy costs and long-lasting.

Professional services and advice including:
- preventive evaluation of the property subject to intervention;
- surveys, CAD graphic rendering, verification of the technical documentation of the goods on sale;
- estimate of the interventions;
- executive design (architectural, structural, plant engineering, etc.)
- Rendering
- bill of quantities and tender specifications;
- building practices;
- construction management;
- coordination of construction site safety;
- energy performance certificate
- practices relating to tax deductions (ENEA etc.)
- environmental and / or energy certifications (Casaclima, GBC, …)