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A project that reinvents the authentic charm of the limestones from which it draws its inspiration. Lims is the first collection in porcelain stoneware and stone-effect cladding that reinterprets the beauty of extraordinary stones, such as the French Hauteville, the Portuguese Moleanos, the German Jura, the Italian stone from Vicenza and the Slovenian Lipika. Refined stone materials, distinguished by the peculiarities of the places of origin and by stratifications that have occurred over the centuries. The graphic and material textures of Lims are rich in realistic details, irregularities and chiaroscuro effects that give a natural and personal touch to living spaces, indoors and out. The enriched range of sizes, from the smallest up to the large 120x278 cm, of three-dimensional wall surfaces and an articulated decorative apparatus, makes the collection particularly versatile, capable of responding to different design needs.

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