Construction of floors, walls and restyling

  • How would you like a beautiful, comfortable and unique home, carefully tailored to your every need?

  • Would you like a contemporary home, while still keeping that artisan product look?

  • You're about to restyle your home but you don't know where to start?

  • Need the convenience of finding the products which best reflect your personality, by choosing them on the internet and touching them in the showroom?

Well, keep reading then...

Principe Ares is a brand which devotes itself to renewing your home, and it's intended for those who'd love to have a unique home, tailored around their needs.

Our idea of house is that of a contemporary and carefully studied home, a fusion of "contemporary" and "artisan" styles, the kind of which make Italian products and services unique (the so called "Made in Italy").

First of all, the home environment should be customized, generating emotions and allowing the user to experience positive feelings.

Unlike online companies and platforms offering all kinds of services, Principe Ares is specialized in apartment renovations, with a firm belief in concepts such as "contemporary", "customized", "craftsmanship", "detail".

Many people rely on the advice of friends, relatives or even TV personalities, for refurbishing their flat... nothing more wrong!

The transformation of both the house and its spaces is a complex issue... made up by an infinite number of variables, which if well put together, will end up creating a balance; this is exactly why you have to entrust your house to proper professionals of the sector.

DIY can sometimes be synonymous of great mistakes, leading to a final result that is painstakingly different from your expectations, and making you waste time, energy and money!

Principe Ares will offer you a team of architects, able to follow you step by step in the renovation of your home, transforming it into the nest you have always dreamed of.

We offer services such as:

  • Preliminary check up (includes on-site survey and return in cad, checking of the documentation concerning the flat and verifications on its regularity)

  • Design and municipal building practices

  • Construction supervision

  • Safety coordination

  • Land registry practices

  • Energy Performance Certificates 

  • Practices related to tax deductions (restructuring and energy saving)

  • Keys in hand

For information, please send an e-mail with your request to, you will be contacted by one of our consultants, either by phone or e-mail.