Dear Customer,

We inform you that general selling conditions, mentioned below, in accordance with the consumer protection regulations, indicate the conditions and options available, allowing you to proceed with the purchase of the desired products on the website (www.principeares.it) in a safe, easy and convenient manner.

Therefore we ask you to read, agree and comply should you want to proceed with the purchase.


The present general conditions of sale regulate the purchase of products marketed by Principe Ares, Ltd. with registered office in Corso Porta Vittoria 50, 20122 Milan, Tax Code and VAT number 05299680966, and show-room in Via Ripamonti 92, 20141 Milan, through website www.principeares.it to consumers and to users acting for purposes, related to the business activities of the company.

These general conditions are effective from the date of acceptance by the customer on the website. All the consequences of this acceptance are governed in accordance with art.1341 of the Civil Code.


The client can buy the products listed in the electronic catalogue of Principe Ares, Ltd., thereby also available on the website (www.principeares.it). It is by no means obvious and to be agreed on that sometimes, the image accompanying the product's description may not be as accurate and may slightly differ.

In order to complete the purchase, the customer must access the website and go through the digital registration process.

The customer starts the purchasing process through the site by typing the items which intends to purchase in the shopping cart and following the guided process of check out and filling in all the required fields.

In the case of non-acceptance of the order for reasons not attributable to the Principe Ares, Ltd. will be guaranteed timely notification of the customer (for example, material is not available from manufacturer).


All indicated prices on the website are intended for public, so VAT excluded, but calculated automatically in addition to the order.

The prices may vary without notice so the correct price is intended/ that which is indicated at the moment of order confirmation.

The required payment is to be made by bank transfer to the following coordinates:


The order intends executive acknowledgment from part of Principe Ares, Ltd. crediting of the bank transfer. If within 7 ( seven ) days from the order request by the customer, the transfer will not be detected by accountant, the order will be deemed null and void / the order will be cancelled. In the case in which the transfer amount does not correspond to the amount of the order, Principe Ares, Ltd. will contact the customer to agree the mode and the timing of the balance amount of the order to complete the same order sucsessfully.

It is recommended to the customers to keep a copy of bank transfer receipt like payment confirmation.

The shipping invoice will be delivered to the customer at the time of pickup or delivery of the material.

For latest information you may contact the office of Principe Ares, Ltd. at the following number 02/56611293 in show-room, located on Via Ripamonti 92, from Monday to Saturday in opening hours 9:30 – 19:00.

In the case of cancellation of the order either by customer or in the case of non-acceptance of the same order by Principe Ares, Ltd., will be effected the cancellation and release of the amount committed (the terms of release depend exclusively on banking system). Carried out the cancellation of the transaction, Principe Ares cannot be held responsible for any damages, deriving from the release of the amount committed by the banking system.


The prices of the exposed goods intend to be retired from Solaro’s establishment (MI), via dell’Artigiano 16.

During the purchase procedure the customer can decide whether:

1) pick-up the same at the establishment above i.e. in Solaro (MI), via dell’Artigiano 16 – tel. 02/967999370 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 to 12:00.

2) request home delivery (to be understood NOT ON THE FLOOR but on the ground in front of the building, where the delivery is required) which can be requested preventive by e-mail during the automatic purchase procedure of the material itself.

Once you have received the e-mail, containing the cost of the required transportation, the customer will be able to confirm by e-mail the home delivery, attaching the transfer of the purchase of material with addition of the shipping cost.

At the time of availability of the material, Principe Ares, Ltd. will contact the customer to agree the modes of delivery.


For orders of less than €500 (five hundred/00) will be charged €80 (eighty/00) flat-rate, including VAT, for the transport costs incurred by Principe Ares, Ltd. from the manufacturer site to the Solaro warehouse.

It is also possible to request the delivery of a sample from the selected material (maximum size 60 x 60 cm.) at the flat-rate of €30 (thirty/00), VAT included.


To the material not yet installed and intact of the original packaging apply the rules of the Consumer Code. Under a Customer intends a person acting for purposes other than business or professional activity. For all other subjects apply the rules of the Civil Code. The customer will benefit from the legal warranty for defects of the sold products. No warranty or replacement is excluded if the defect comes from the transportation, when no specific reserve has been applied at the time of withdrawal or reception of the goods, verifying both the type of product, ordered in reference of the order, and the integrity of the packaging.


If the customer is a “Consumer” as defined in Art. 3 of the Consumer Code, he has the rights referred in Art.52 of the Consumer Code, as modified by Legislative Decree no.21 of 21/12/2014, and therefore the right to withdraw from the Purchase Contract (below “The Right of Withdrawal”) in the manner specified below.

The withdrawal is only applicable to the entire supply purchased through the site. The withdrawal period expires after 14 ( fourteen ) days from the day when the consumer or third party, other than the Customer and indicated by the Consumer, acquires the physical possession of the product/s.

The right of withdrawal is exercised by sending - before expiry of the Withdrawal Period as indicated above - a reasonable notice of withdrawal (below "Withdrawal notice") by registered letter with registered office:



Corso di Porta Vittoria 50

20122 MILANO 

In the case when is exercised the right of withdrawal or the product is returned, the shipping costs (if paid) and refund of expenses incurred by the Principe Ares, Ltd. for the transportation from the manufacturer to the Solaro warehouse and return, will be charged to the customer as well as the costs of manual handling of the returned product. The product must be absolutely intact, clean, and housed inside the original packaging that must be perfectly intact and composed of original equipment.


The sale contract between the customer and the Principe Ares, Ltd. is intended to be concluded in Italy and governed by the Italian Law. As far as otherwise not established in the question shall apply the Italian Law.

For the resolution of civil disputes and penal deriving from the conclusion of this distance sale contract, if the customer is a consumer, i.e. a physical person who buys goods for purposes not related to his professional activity, or does not make the purchase by indicating in the order a reference to VAT, the territorial jurisdiction is that of the reference tribunal of his common residence: in all other cases, the territorial jurisdiction is exclusively the tribunal of Milan.

For acknowledge and specific approval in accordance with and in virtue of the article no.1341 of the Civil Code of the clauses no.5 (additional costs) n.6 (legal and conventional guarantees) no.7 (right of withdrawal) no.8 (applicable law).